By Nean McKenzie (MidnightSun Publishing)

Cryptosight is a great book for readers who enjoy mystery and fantasy. The main characters are 13 year old Raff, who believes in facts, and his adventurous and stubborn younger sister, Zara. She aspires to be just like their dad, who is a cryptozoologist, searching for creatures proven not to exist.

When their father takes Raff and Zara on a trip to the Flinders Ranges, he suddenly disappears. Nean McKenzie tells their story as they travel through the Australian bush, on a quest to find their father. Along the way, they learn that their father is part of a secret organisation, and they are pursued by bunyip hunters.

Raff slowly begins to be drawn into the mysterious world of cryptozoology as he and his sister follow ‘sightings’ of creatures around Victoria. Will they be able to find their father before it is too late?

This book is exceptionally well written, drawing you in more and more with every sentence, and the smallest details, making you itch to read the next line. For readers aged 10-13.