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2021 Overall Winners

Congratulations to our Winning entries for 2021. To see all the winning entries, view the Awards Magazine.

Songs of Australia

By Luke 
, vic
I was on a schol camp. We’d just finished hiking and were now spread out in a dim clearing. All one could hear was the murmur of boys and the...
The BIC Young Australian Writer of the Year Award
Young Australian Writer of the Year
2021 |
 writing |
 |  senior

My Father

By Jerry 
, nsw
The Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Art Award
Young Australian Artist of the Year
2021 |
 art |
 |  middle


By Emily 
, vic
The C.D. Dodd Indigenous Art Award Young
Young Indigenous Artist of the Year
2021 |
 art |
 |  middle

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OzKids Latest Entries

Art Entry

Mother and daughter

By Laura  
, nsw
2022 |
 art |
 |  senior

Two tribes coming together

By Taleesha 
, nsw
2022 |
 art |
 |  junior

Writing Entry

A Man’s Totem

By Wendy 
Kathleen Feifar 
, wa
Once lived an Aboriginal man who was a Paralympics athlete. This young man, Karl Peter, was an amazing runner, even though he was an amputee since birth. He was full...
C.D. Dodd Literary Award
Young Indigenous Writer of the Year
2019 |
 writing |
 |  middle

The Old Man of Storr

By Sophi 
, nsw
On the Scottish Highlands lies the Old Man of Storr,Tall, rugged pillars of rock standing mightilyAbove the luscious green grass. In summer, the grey stormy clouds, release the angerIt has...
Helen Handbury Achievement Award
2019 |
 writing |
 |  middle

Book Review

Frankie Goes to Kindergarten
Review by Buzzwords Magazine
The Peacock Detectives
Review by Emily Spiteri, Year 6
The Amazing Case of Dr Ward
Review by Marlin Ha, Year 6