Twelve-year-old Tammy Tait has been missing for four days. The small, sleepy village of Kielder is sent into turmoil looking for the lost Tammy. Every day, Ethan – Tammy’s twin brother – and his family get more worried as their daily
searches prove fruitless. Then Ethan’s life turns upside down as he and his friend Iggy find Hellyan, the alien whose tribe has captured Tammy.

Iggy, Ethan and his pet chicken Suzy set off on an intergalactic adventure to an emotionless planet far beyond their solar system to rescue Tammy. Will they succeed?

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to science fiction readers. It was full of suspense and had a good plot. I enjoyed it because of the heartfelt emotions that the author describes really well. It has epic nail-biting chapters that lure you into the book.

Suitable for readers ages 9+