by Samone Amba (Affirm Press)

It’s Sunday Moon’s final year of afterschool care, and she cannot wait to leave it behind! The only thing that makes it bearable is her group of friends – quirky Kirra, fancy Lottie, and Sunday’s absolute bestie, goofy Octavius (Ockie) Nguyen.

But bushfires are raging across Victoria. And when Sunday learns about the wild animals who have lost their homes, she realises that she can’t just sit quietly and wait for it to pass. Save the Joeys is a crash course in Australian culture that will also keep you laughing all the way until the end. Plus, it’s chock full of memes. What more can you ask for?

You’ll fit right in with Sunday and her fellow Grade Sixers, and by the end of the story, you too will feel like you can achieve anything.

I’d recommend this book to readers aged 10 – 13.