By Yvette Poshoglian, Illustrated by Phil Judd (Scholastic)

One morning, Archie woke up to find his owner watching the news. They saw that Dion, the famous dog, was visiting their town. Archie was so excited he wanted to tell his doggy friends straight away, so he left home to go to doggy daycare with scruffy hair. Little did he know that Dion was going to Archie’s doggy daycare to make a TV ad! Will they tease him about his scruffy hair?

I enjoyed the book because it was so cute with the puppy ad and the drama was in the right part of the story. I like how the author describes the feelings of Archie, but it would be good to read more about the emotions of other characters.

This book would be suitable for TV doggy lovers aged 6 – 9.