written by Meg McKinlay and illustrated by Nicholas Schafer (Fremantle Press)

Grandad’s birthday is coming up, and Bella has the best idea for a present yet. And no, it isn’t a vanilla slice. Sure, she’ll have to go out on a night-time sail in her house to get it. But getting home in time for breakfast will be easy … won’t it?

Bella and the Voyaging House – a sequel to Bella and the Wandering House – is a funny, quirky and fast-paced nautical adventure. Bella and the house float merrily through the sea under a sky of stars, but things take a turn when the sun rises. If you’re looking for a book to take you away from your landlubbing ways and onto the salty seas, this one will do just that.

So shout ‘Ahoy!’ and join Bella and her travelling house again on their latest adventure!

Suitable for readers aged 6–10 who enjoy adventure.