This is an inspiring children’s series that celebrates Australia’s experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Next month Wild Dingo Press will publish the seventh book in their Aussie STEM Stars series – John Long: Fossil Hunter by award-winning author Danielle Clode. Each book in the Aussie STEM Stars series is written by an award-winning children’s author and celebrates the real life stories of some of Australia’s top scientists and inventors, chosen on the basis of their pioneering work.

Written for children aged 10-13 years, themes explored in each book include childhood, school, family and formative experiences, what inspired them to pursue their chosen path, how they persevered in the face of challenges, and their contribution to science over the world. Since it’s launch in September 2020 books about our STEM pioneers Fiona Wood, Munjed al Muderls, Georgia Ward-Fear, Eddie Woo, Gisela Kaplan and Alan Finkel Johnston, Michelle Simmons and Creswell Eastman are planned for the first quarter of 2022.

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