Worried about what could happen entering this unseen, rural village, the large team of world class experts all had adrenaline rushing in their stomachs. The knees of the explorers knocked faster and faster as they approached this. This remote village was unknown to mankind until these experts unintentionally found this small village while on another exploration. The small place had a wall blocking it from the outside world. The village had no knowledge of the outside world. They came to the monstrous wall, carefully pondering how to cross the wall.

They slowly walked around the wall looking for an entrance. Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound arose. The explorers jumped up in fear. Their hearts started racing now but they kept searching. One of them unexpectedly put their hand on the wall and an entrance appeared. They carefully walked in and were surprised of what they saw.  The explorers saw the rare and valuable items such as diamonds, rubies, gold and emerald.

They set on robbing this village. The explorers made a small plan to get their hands on these items. They went inside of the place and glanced across the room. The explorers slowly took the items and stored them in their big bags. As they hesitantly walked out someone saw the filled bag after he looked through to an empty room. He curiously checked the explorers bags, not recognising their faces he called out loudly “Intruders, Stealers!”. It was all over news because they had secretly been broadcasting the interesting mission.

A fight arose and countries stepped in and bombs, unique, powerful guns and incredible armoury was being invented. Planes and jets with atomic boosters were being invented. A battle started as planes flew over. This is the great tale of how the Mot Battle filled, and an enormous war started.