I was walking down the street with my scarf and my hat.
When the wind went wild and took my sack.
Presents flowed out and went down drains,
while me and my hat rolled down Riddle Lane.

The reindeer were gone,
and my sleigh was in the sea.
Me and my hat, where could we be?

Without the sleigh on this day,
Christmas could only happen with delay.
I picked myself up and steadied my legs
put on my hat and started to dance.

I smiled with huge joyful tears;
I had found one of my precious reindeers.
Dasher was here by my side,
with my sleigh, we can finally ride!

We stopped by homes and placed the presents.
I ate first and Dasher ate second.
We went for a hunt to find the reindeer,
Donner and Dancer were first, I cheered!

It’s time to go home up in the snow,
good night to summer
and to all the black crows!