The cool breeze swept the hair on my face causing me to smile. I was camping at the top of a valley, doing hikes and rides in the day and eating marshmallows in the evening.

My friends, Paige and Oscar, were there too. On the fourth day, Oscar had to leave and go because his older brother, Angus, had broken his arm doing a crazy drop on the trails. “Bye,” he said. And he was gone.

On the sixth day, Paige had to leave because her grandmother was in the hospital. “Seeya soon,” she had said. And whoosh… she was gone. All that was left for me was to sit on the camp’s log, staring at the fire as it swayed with the winds, dying down and sparking up again.

I thought about Oscar’s brother- he had broken his arm, risking it to have an experience. It reminded me of the winds, because I had seen it blow entire houses down, and also be nothing but a gentle gale. What experiences had the winds had?

Then I thought about Paige’s grandmother. She had had a life, something that could be so fragile, yet the joy of having a beginning and an end was so exciting. She may have an end, but where there’s an end there’s a new beginning. I thought about this for an entire day. When I woke up in the morning, the weather forecasted over 100 kilometre winds and my mother and father quickly started packing. “It’s not safe. We must leave,” they said.

When I stepped outside, the winds didn’t scare me. The liveliness of it seemed to make it look alive. I put my hand in it and felt the gust as it tickled my hand. Come with us, it whispered. I looked down and saw the bottom of the valley. “But if I fall, I will die,” I said. We will carry you. I inhaled deeply, and exhaled softly.

I leaned towards the edge of the valley’s top. The winds supported me. I put my full weight onto the wind and flew to the horizon. Then I could see it- the new experiences, the love, the life.

As I looked back, I saw my parents, who had forgotten me in the rush of packing. That was the end of that life. But then I remembered the thought that I held to me most dearly- where there’s an end, there’s a new beginning.