WHIRR! BUZZ! John screwed the last parts of his invention together. It wasn’t finished yet though. The different liquids that he had created were still to be poured into the watch. Yes, John had been working on his new invention: a time watch.
“10 millilitres of each one. Not one drop less, not one drop more.” he muttered to himself.

It’s hard to believe, but John had attempted this twenty times, and all those times had been when it exploded. He carefully brought the fragile glasses of liquid toward the model of the invention. With caution, he poured each liquid into the machine. John took a step back. But this time it didn’t explode into a billion pieces. TICK! TOCK! TICK! TOCK! This was the sound it made instead. John knew what that meant. The time watch was working.

John jumped with joy. He sprinted straight to the phone.
“Jack! You’ve got to come over! It’s working!” John excitedly exclaimed. Jack, John’s best friend, had also known about the invention. In five minutes flat, the door pushed open.
“Show me! Show me! Show me!” Jack hollered. John grinned, opening up his hand to reveal a rectangular prism of gleaming gold. Jack, eager to test it out, asked for a test drive.
“Hmmmm……. I guess it won’t hurt.”
“Can I also chose the date?”
“Sure!” The two boys activated it. BANG! WHOOSH!
“Where are we?” they questioned simultaneously.

1876- Alexander Graham Bell’s house.
“Jack, what year did you take us?”
“Umm…….. 1876” Jack replied. The two boys examined the ancient landscape, where they saw a house distinctly different from the other houses. Then John remembered what would happen if the watch took them to a specific year. It would take them to where the significant event happened.

“That’s Bell’s house. This is the year the telephone was created.” John hushed, so no-one would hear them. Inquisitively, the boys walked into the house, which was surprisingly unlocked. In the house, there was a funny looking telephone.
“The very first telephone,” John marvelled. “Is that a bocce ball?”
“Yeah. Or maybe it’s a tennis ball.” To test if it was, he hurled it towards the door. Luckily, John managed to dodge it, but the figure opening the door didn’t have as good reflexes. WHAM! A silence followed. Jack stared at the wall guiltily, while John gaped at the figure. Silently, they carried him to a doctor.
“Oh dear, boy, he’s lost his memory…….”

2017-John’s science lab
BUZZ! BANG! WHOOSH! The boys returned from the past. John looked around, checking if his lab was fine. Everything was in its place except for a phone that sat on a small stool. He looked around suspiciously.
“Jack, where’s the phone?”
“I don’t know.” John frowned thinking. Then he put the pieces together. His face fell.
“Oh no.”
“Oh no, what?”
“The telephone. It’s not here!” John proclaimed, exasperated.
“Don’t you understand? The doctor said Bell lost his memory. Thanks to that, the telephone was not invented!” Jack looked guilty. “I’m going again. Alone.” Jack took a deep breath. His friend was risking himself for a mistake he had done.
“OK.” he replied in a sombre mood. Then there was a WHOOSH and a BANG and John left to go to the past.

1876- Alexander Graham Bell’s house.
John arrived. This time he did not ask where he was. They had caused too much mischief there to not know. Then he saw himself and Jack. He realised that because they had done something in the past they were permanently a part of it. Then he realised something else. If he could make sure the ball was not hurled, and send his ‘other self’ and ‘other Jack’ back to the present, he could fix time.

“Time for phase one.” He sneakily and silently crept towards the ball. As soon as he picked it up, he bolted back to where he couldn’t be seen. Then he saw himself.
“I’m going to have to risk it.” He told himself. It was true, he had to save time. He inched towards them. He silently activated the time machine but the ‘other’ John caught him.
“Wha-” he started saying, but the time machine had activated itself. Then the door opened. But John had escaped.

2017- John’s science lab
BANG! WHOOSH! John landed in the middle of the room, falling on top of a wooden table.
“Owww!” he groaned. However, Jack did not take any notice.
“You’re back! You fixed time!” he yelled. By then John was feeling content. Even his aching back couldn’t stop him from grinning. What an adventure!