I like going to the cafe to eat ice-cream, because I really like ice-cream.

I like playing with my toys because they are fun to play with.

I like playing soccer because it’s my favourite sport, and it’s easy to play once you know how to play.

I like going to sleep because it gives me a chance to relax and listen to some stories.

I like eating chocolate because it is yummy and 100% healthy.

I also like dancing because it’s fun and because you can meet new friends at the club and invite them to your party. Hip hop kids are the best. We are super cool! We wear cool clothes and make really cool moves. Sometimes we listen to loud music to get in the mood.

I also like mangoes and green apples because they are sweet. Green apples also taste like sweet juice, which is so good for you.

I like hugging my family, because hugs are so soft, cuddly and warm. They make me feel happy.

I like playing board games because they are fun, challenging and a good way for the whole family and friends to get together and to lough. I like to win.

I like running because I am very fast. Running makes me feel happy, sweaty and exhausted. When I am tired after running or after a long day, I like when mum reads me books. It makes me feel relaxed and grateful.

I like my blankie, Odeyalko, because it’s so soft, cuddly, warm and fun. I like to throw it up in the air, then catch it on my face, and leave it there for a few seconds. I like doing that because that way I can fully inhale a beautiful smell of my blankie. It smells really good! This is because I always cuddle it and have it in my bed with me when I am asleep.

When my blankie is tired, I let is relax for a little while. When mum washes it, I always feel worried because it might lose its smell or colour, or the wind might blow it away, or someone might even steal it from the clothes line… I don’t like washing it too many times. When the washing machine stops, it makes me feel really happy. I run to get my blankie and hug it very tightly because it is really special to me. I had it since I was very young. It always makes me calm down and fall asleep faster.

I would never swap it for any other toy. Not ever the X-Box! Why would I swap my favourite thing ever for something that makes your eyes go square?

I could never give my blankie away to another kid, even if he was sick. But I would certainly buy him a similar one with my own pocket money. It would definitely help the kid to get better because that’s what happens to me when mum gives it to me. I immediately feel a lot better. I think it’s magical.

When I grow up, I will always keep in with me. It makes me so happy and grateful, soft, warm, cozy… If you could touch love, I think, this is how it would feel.

It is a little embarrassing to talk about my adorable blankie. I am already 8 years old, but still have it and still love it as if I was a little boy. I love other plush toys too, but especially my blankie.

If I ever lost it, and had to write a letter to my blankie, this is what I would say:

“Dear Odeyalko! I hope you are okay. I miss you all the time. You are the greatest, warmest and cuddliest blankie in the world. I will give you everything you want, the whole world, if you come back to me.”