BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. The girl turned over eyes shut and brain foggy with sleep. She stiffly continued to turn off the alarm leaving her rather chaotic room alone decorated with strings of fairy lights strung carefully around her room. This girl although seeming normal was actually not she had a thrilling power. She could control water. This wasn’t easy for her though. It bubbled with life. Calling her, entrancing her. Everything from puddles to a measly water bottle. It all breathed life and called her. On day, something changed. She meet a boy she couldn’t put her finger on it but something was different. Strangely, she could not feel anything that breathed water she had never felt anything like it. His eyes pierced back at her. Brown but almost strangely red. With such an intensity that she looked away and walked quickly back down the path breaking his surly gaze on her. The next day she saw him again at the large oval that was clearly not maintained unlike the protests of the council said it was. He gradually made is way towards her. Black leather shoes crunching n the chocolate brown grass that was so dried up it crumbled in the wind. As he came close to her he spoke to her in his mellow chocolatey voice “you’re different to the others,” he said glancing over his shoulder to a group of girls around her age doing cartwheels on the lawn. “How” she inquired, worried he had found out her secret. “I feel no fire in you.” She gasped, eyes widening. Ice blue darts slowly escaping her irises as she said “I feel no water in you” she barley squeezing the words out as she realised he could control fire.