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By Amelia
Year 10
Southern River College
, wa
Teacher: Marc Bikim
My artwork is on a social issue. Which is about how now at the moment TVs around the world are airing the impacts of the war on Ukraine, and the effects Russia is leaving on Ukraine civilians. This is shown through, the 9 TVs that are in the centre of the painting. Which are placed in a shop front window and showing things on Ukraine but also showing everyday things we are used to. Such adverts for products, and information on new tv shows. To show the contrast between what’s important at the moment and what’s not. My artwork also shows little details that also implicate or show other social issues, which can show that while everyone is watching one issue go down/happen so many other issues are happening at the same time. This idea is shown through the 2 to 3 people that are looking at the TV not noticing the other issues going around as well. Another meaning to my artwork is how us as people today can watch a war happen right Infront of our eyes whether it been on social media or tv. While back then when other wars were going on, they had to wait because they didn’t have the technology that we do now. It’s also about how you can see so many different perspectives, of the war from so many people.
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