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Victims of domestic violence

By Feteema
Year 10
Southern River College
, wa
Teacher: Marc Bikim
My work depicts victims of domestic violence and abuse, as well as sexism directed at men. A male figure stares and gazes into the audience's eyes in my artwork, creating a serious atmosphere. There are also white flowers that are coming out of his body. White represents purity, innocence, and serenity. These blossoms are also covering his mouth, preventing him from speaking or asking for help. These flowers represent the violence he had gone through in which was given to him by his partner. The manipulative partner has fooled him that this abuse is usual, thus the flowers that signify "purity" are actually fake, and the wounds on his body are hidden under false words and apologies beneath the flowers. The flowers on his lips also indicate sexism, since society tends to neglect guys who are mistreated in relationships, particularly heterosexual males, because they are perceived to be manly and powerful, and hence do not accept male victims of domestic violence. The flowers, which symbolise society, prevent him from speaking up and asking for assistance.
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