It was time for England. Detective Deck had arrived at New York airport. The airport was silent, no-one, was there to be seen…

As the detective made his way through the labyrinth to the cabin door, he saw his niece, Paula. She was the sweetest flight attendant in the world and had a face that glowed as bright as the sun.
Deck asked, “Hullo, how are you doing?”.
“I’m doing fine,” stated Paula.
Paula ripped the end of her uncle’s boarding pass, delicately.
“You’ve finally ripped a boarding pass neatly”, murmured Deck.

Detective Deck walked down the aisle, to his seat. He glanced up and noticed that three passengers were in the cabin. He saw his ex-teacher.
“Mr Paul Peterson”, said Detective Deck.
“Oh, you”, yelled, Mr Peterson.
“Yes, it’s me, Deck. Paul, your dimples are endearing to see”, laughed Deck.
“Oh Deck, you were always one of the naughty students”, joked Paul.
“I’d better go”, said Deck.
Deck recognised the voice, it was Sam Skit, his assistant.
“Sam, you have a heart of gold”, expressed, Deck.
“Thanks, Deck, you’re looking muscular today!”, whispered Sam.
Hi”Oh, what is that smell? Ew, it’s my enormous ex-girlfriend, Marilyn Mitt, her voice is so annoying.”
“Oh, deck!!! My Prince Charming”, gushed Marilyn.

10 minutes to midnight, the plane taxied to the runway. It was snowy and dead-silent, that’s why the flight felt different. Takeoff was normal, and the plane lurched down the runway until the lights went pitch-black! The detective thought there was an electrical problem until…

“BANG!” One-shot was fired.  In the cabin, the lights turned on so quickly as if they could burn your eyes. Detective Deck raced as quickly as he could, to the galley where the bloody massacre unfolded. To his surprise, it was his niece who had died instantly.

Detective Deck gathered the passengers in the cabin and said, “This is now a murder case and, all of you are suspects. You will be interviewed until the murderer is found.”
“This is ridiculous” cried, Marilyn.
“Do you need my help detective?”, murmured Sam.
“NO”, screamed Deck.

Three hours from touchdown, the detective began to interrogate passengers at the galley.
He interviewed Marilyn, Paul and Sam.
“Where were you during the crime?”
“I was sitting in my seat, getting ready my amenity kit (moisturiser) for the transatlantic flight. By the way, I saw one of my moisturisers, missing”, sobbed Marilyn.
“Well, Mr Nosy-pants, I was reading but the lights went out, so I decided to walk to the bathroom. There was also moisturiser on the bloody door”, yelled Paul.
“C’mon, Deck“ you know I’d never commit a crime,” exclaimed Sam.
“Sam, answer me!”
“Ugh!! Fine, I went to the galley where your niece was, but, I was trying to look for my eyeglasses that dropped on the ground. The detective keeps Sam behind.
“Sam, did you notice any substances at the crime scene?”, expressed Deck.
“Oh… Yes! there was a silky paste that felt so, nice to touch”, said Sam.

Two Hours from touchdown, the detective went down to the murder scene and analysed the substances. He noticed there was heaps of moisturiser on Paula’s body. Then the detective walked quickly towards Marilyn and asked for her ‘amenity kit’.  
Marilyn agreed to give him, the amenity kit. He went back to the murder scene and looked at the substances. He was intrigued by his findings. The substance on the door handle was so identical that the detective was mind-blown. He tasted both moisturisers, and they had a great texture of elegance. He could smell the ‘rose essence’ – that was so strong, he did… “Achoo!”.

Detective Deck called the passengers into the cabin. He glanced at everyone, and said  “The murderer…”
The lights go off dramatically.
“Ugh”, screamed Marilyn.

Since no-one could see, the detective brought out his lantern. The passengers were able to see each other’s faces like they’d haven’t seen in centuries. The mob walked warily towards the body of Marilyn and saw the horrific damage done to her. Her eyes were shocked, petrified! The bullets were shot perfectly in a straight line as if Marilyn’s body was an aiming board.
Detective Deck, now needed to think about the information provided. He did the usual… ‘use his inner thoughts.’
The murders were executed well and left no evidence.
Would Paul kill both of them? He couldn’t, he was reading, and he is a law-abider.
Would Sam kill both of them? There is evidence, Sam would know not to leave any clues behind.
Deck walked back to the galley and calls everyone.
He said, “I have analysed the clues and evidence. The murderer is… Sam!”
“Damn, well played, Detective”, chuckled Sam.
“Why did you kill them?”, shouted Deck.
“I killed them because of you. You never! gave me the chance to do, any cases. You always thought about yourself. Any last words?”, chuckled Sam.

 The lantern dies, meaning no-one could see. All of a sudden…


The lights turn on, 35 minutes before touchdown and all that was left of the massacre, was the detective and pilots. The plane touched down softly and taxied to the gate, where Detective Deck leaves the plane and walks on the jet-bridge and left – “Vanished into thin air”