Courage can be found in many
But foolishness in more
It can burn at your soul like hot coals
A fire at your core

But for many courage is their life
It blazes within their eyes
But often foolishness is its true form
And loss ends up their prize

To one man, brave and stubborn
Thought courage he could nurse
But it led him to his final move
To carry on a cure

For this is where the tale begins 
A man proud as he was strong
But his pride is seen to be a sin
And thus his will dared last long

Stupid thoughts seemed to cloud his head
And stubborn as he was born
He dared not heed wise counsel
And left before the dawn

He dared too courageous 
For away their wards he tossed
And as the rising sun entered the sky
He entered the Valley of the Lost

He had cast aside the elders’ warnings
A choice that would soon be repented
For those who dared descend its misty slopes
Were damned before they entered

Gone with the wind they used to say
For those who took this such endeavour
Gone with the wind they used to say
When they were lost forever

But this man cared not for myth
He knew nor cared what await
He entered into the silenced forest
And sealed his ordained fate

For an eternity he seemed to wander
An eternity he would know
His shadow cast into this hidden abyss
Which would soon consume him so

As he wandered on and on
It came into his sight
A small girl lost in the fog
In this silenced light

She smiled and waved at him
And then ran off into the wood
And foolishly he followed her into the mists
Not thinking whether he should

He followed her further into the valley’s grasp
Not knowing her true reason
Not knowing that she was of the valley’s curse
And that he had been caught in treason

Suddenly the girl had stopped
And she turned to show her lies
True horror etched across the man’s face
In the black void of her eyes.

She smiled, giggled then disappeared
As the man cried out in pain
For as he could now feel the reaper’s touch
As he struggled to sustain

The silence of the forest
Crept in upon his heart
Relieving him from life itself
And tearing him apart

Courageous he thought he was
But foolish it was true
The curse, his fate now consumed his soul
This curse that he now knew

Legends say they still see him
As he awaits in silent sin
When he will smile at those dare enter
the valley
As they become lost, just like him.