Some unicorns were lost in the sock factory and didn’t know what to do. They saw lots of socks that were colourful and fun. First, they tried on some brown socks but it was not their colour. Red was to red and green was to green and orange was to orange. The unicorns looked for a long time but could not find the socks that were the right colour.

They tried pink sparkly ones, green with blue spots, blue with green spots, super big soft socks but nothing was right. Then one found a purple sock with rainbows on them but it was on the top of a very tall shelf. All the unicorns were so happy that it was purple and rainbowy because they loved purple and rainbows.

They gathered as many socks as they could carry and stacked them on top of each other making stairs to the top of a tall shelf. It was very hard and tiring because the socks where bigger than the unicorns. But soon they made it, the socks were soft but not too soft so the unicorns found a spot on the sock and it was the Best Sock in the world.

In the morning when everyone was back at work, they found the sock stairs leading to the purple rainbow socks and saw the unicorns on it but did not get mad at the unicorns. They just smiled, took them down and put them in a frame.
Now when the people come to make socks for old people, young people and people in the middle they are happier than before because they can see the socks of the unicorns.

And the unicorns are happy on there socks looking over the people. So, everyone is happier than before the unicorns found their socks and got a special frame. The frame is where the tall shelf was but it got moved for the frame and everyone loved to look at the socks of purple rainbows and unicorns all over it. People from all over town would come just to see them and that made the unicorns very happy.

The workers told the unicorns that if the factory burnt down, they would be safe, if they were stolen it would be OK. If anything happened to them, they would be mended so the unicorns were safe forever. Everything was fine everyone was happy everything was good and the unicorn socks were the best socks in the world. Nothing ever happened to the socks and the people kept their promise forever.