Topaz, yellow or golden brown
Gold, the yellow sparkle underground
Malachite, the shimming green light,
Shining very very bright
Hidden in a cave so deep
In a sort of coma sleep

Soon explorers hike throughout
The cave, their home and someone shouts
“Something twinkling in the dark
Pure white, just like a spark!”
All the hikers cheer hooray
All the crystals were found that day

Woken by the smell of clay
Slowly, slowly they were chipped away
Smelted into jewels and rings
Soon the working time begins
People rush into the store
Eager to get the diamond ore

“Pure diamond, all!” They say
Diamond’s quickly taken away
Then goes topaz, then goes gold
But Malachite is very bold
Refusing to be taken away
“This is my home and I will stay!”