To whomever is reading this,
I would like to say
that my family has been brought up this way.

For three long years,
we wore face masks.
Protecting my sister was our primary task.

We each made a sacrifice
in protection of her
so she had a chance to keep things as they were.

You might not know
and you’ll probably forget,
but society has always been her biggest threat

We have always been aware
of the coughs and the sneezes–
it is our natural instinct to avert queer diseases.

The world just so happens
to be getting a taste
of the monotonous world of the socially spaced.

The honest truth is,
we don’t have it the hardest.
We are the mere illustration of those in the darkness.

So, to those who whine
and make senseless remarks,
remember those who have hearts full of sparks.

Because they dream and they hope
that maybe someday,
they’ll be able to make this disease go away.

Yes, the world may be grey right now,
but to see it any brighter comes at a price.
It may be painful, but we all must make a sacrifice.

Immune deficient blood
put my sister’s life on the line.
Not many will understand,
for her life, I’d give up mine.