To some,
the cold air of the arctic would make them freeze
to some,
the ice will make them slip and fall
but not me,
I have evolved.

The others,
were weak,
but I am strong,
I am used to the Ice,
the snow,
I have evolved.

The beat of my wings,
matched the beat of my heart,
slow and steady.
ached in pain
I have evolved.

The kingdom of snow,
like my soul,
waiting, for something to fill the void
I have evolved.

Everyone in my life is long gone
gave up,
never returned
But not me
I have evolved.

I am stronger than most,
the pain,
the suffering,
have strengthened me
I have evolved.

My scales
remind me,
of mother’s hugs
Cold and distant
That is now how I like it
for I have evolved

The wind
Felt like,
when I pressed my face,
to the cold window,
for father
but never coming,
that did not bother me no more
for I have evolved.

My memories
they sting,
like ice in a blizzard
but like the wind,
I must move on
I have evolved