I was surrounded by angry vultures, ready to pick me to death. Their loud squawking echoing through my brain. I knew I had to get out of there, and quick.

As I stood at the cafeteria door way, waiting, watching. Building up the courage to go inside but I just knew in my gut I couldn’t do it. I wandered through the halls of Glenwood high, the smell of meat still fresh in my nose. I some way find myself reaching the door to the hall. I look around, seeing if anyone is there. Once the coast is clear I slip inside. I silently walked across the slippery, shiny floor, until I hear something that makes me stop in my tracks.

“I can’t believe that weirdo, Tate is even at this school. She never talks and she never does anything.” the voice said.
The rest of the day was a blur, I couldn’t stop thinking about what that person said, it made me feel so defective and useless.

The next day I was sick to my stomach, I felt so dizzy. I was dreading first session. I despise having to get changed in front of the class. As I was getting changed, I reached into my old, manky sport bag. I froze, I started throwing everything out of my bag. When suddenly a figure appeared at the door, holding the very thing I was looking for.
“Are these what you are looking for, these old, crusty shoes wouldn’t even call them shoes.” Arrogantly said the boy.
I had flash backs. It was that voice the one that made me feel so useless.

He immediately ran away. I stood there wondering what to do. I let my legs take over… I ran. We ran all around the gym until I finally got the shoes back. I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

“TATE, LUKE. Come here now!” A voice boomed through the gym.

“You two have wasted fifteen minutes of my time. Detention, after school.” The teacher shouted.

That afternoon was the worst afternoon in my whole life, apart from when dad didn’t come home from a walk to the shops. That was the worst time of my whole life. All the way home I was so nervous for what my mum would think about me getting detention. I stood in front of our old, creaky wooden “home”. Once I had finally built up the courage to go inside, I crept through the creaky door and into my mothers room.

KNOCK KNOCK, I knew she would probably not answer considering that for six months she has just been lying in bed all day, depressed. As I thought, she didn’t answer the door. I let her rest, keep hoping that one day she will come outside her room.

The next day, as soon I stepped into the classroom of 7A, I knew something was up. Everyone was crowded around something on the floor.
“Oh my gosh! I didn’t know she was ever happy, her dad looks like a creep though.” someone whispered.
I froze…I knew what they were talking about but I didn’t know how they got their hands on it. I was trying so much to hold in tears.
“Guys, this is mean. I don’t think we should look at this. She is only twelve, there must be a reason she is always sad. Maybe something devastating happened.” someone else commented.I ran, I don’t know where to but I knew I couldn’t go back there.

When I was creeping out of the school trying to get home, something happened that changed my life.
“Hi, I’m Alex. Are you okay? I hope Luke didn’t hurt you to much.” Alex softly spoke.

Someone spoke to me, no one ver speaks to me. I walked home smiling for once in my life, I was happy. Little did I know that when I got home my mum was waiting for me.
“Hey honey, I was thinking maybe we could do something together. I think I am ready.” mumbled mum.

That day was the most dreadful and outstanding day of my life. If one thing changed, it would be that I feel like I belong, finally.