Three noble swagmen were wandering through
When up came a farmer, named Jackaroo
That farmer told of thieves, stealing, sneaking about.
Who stole ten of his prize hens and made off and out.

Those noble swagman who met Jackaroo.
Three days later found letters two.
Back on their doorstep, with Jackaroo’s seal.
Addressed to 1 Horseley Street, Peel.

The letters revealed that Jackaroo had found,
Two suspicious persons standing around
Watching his farm like a pair of hawks
They said, however, they were out for walks.
Jackaroo had taken them in for a drink
When he found on their coats remnants of pink

He knew on the spot that it was chook blood
And in five minutes, there was Constable Fudd.
The two unmasked felons were taken to court.
And convicted of stealing with a sniff and a snort.

They are still in prison, until this day
And Jackaroo is still farming away
But now he keeps his chickens locked up extra tight.
So no sly-eye thieves can steal them in the night.