Shing! Metal spikes protruded from the ground like crocodile teeth dripping with blood. A white skull miserably perched behind the first challenge. Silence was deafening as the children stood there, stunned and as pale as sheets of paper. Their brains were whizzing with ideas with wondrous ideas.

Slowly they crouched down and reclined, wriggling like snakes, being careful with every move, every step. Before this commotion arose, three children by the name of Michael, Lucas and Leo frolicked out to play. They had slid down a slide that was under construction; Lucas whizzed down the slide first, the one full of doom and danger….

Suddenly, a zephyr wafted into the tomb and sent chills up their spines
“Do not give up,” Michael encouraged. Michael’s words echoed in Lucas’s mind. Darkness loomed over them like a storm clouds, and that was their next challenge. They braced for the worst, creeping through at a snail’s pace. Michael’s encouraging spirit lifted the team like feathers, his words a net for their sanity.

Desperately, Leo’s hazel eyes squinted into the blackness, hoping the worst was yet to come. Without warning, the room illuminated, revealing an abyss the size of a six storey building. Torrents of water rushed in like a swarm of locusts, swiftly filling up the pit. But the situation wasn’t yet at its peak. Piranhas were natives to these waters, so the team was trapped, stranded in this world of unknown dangers. 

Suddenly, a piranha leapt out with so much force that it zoomed up right next to Leo’s foot.
“AAAAARGGH!” Leo shrieked. “I want my mummy!”

Just above them, a towering tree peered down at the terrified kids. Days and Nights passed and eventually, a piranha lost patience and leapt out creating a dent in the tree! Like lightning an idea flashed into Michael’s mind. He yanked the man-eating fish out from the tree, leaving a crack where the piranha’s teeth had pierced.

Rapidly, Michael carved out a boat from the tree trunk and used the remaining wood for oars. Like a tribal drum, Leo’s heart pounded but Lucas was going to burst. Slowly, Michael supported Leo into the boat and started paddling to the other side of the obsidian pool.

The tomb’s brick walls were grey and dark, with algae growing between the gaps. When their boat hit the shore, the trio scurried away like mice, the brown, musty, cracking roof collapsed behind them. Zig-Zagging here, scampering there, wherever they scrambled the roof kept on crashing down. Clouds of dust exploded into the air and particles of the ancient ruin filled their throats like suffocating heat.

Exhausted, Michael leant onto a rock puffing,” I can’t take it any longer.”
Then by some miracle, the wondrous wall gave way and into a secret chamber . . .

Colossal Venus flytraps rose up from the ground, framing the fearsome dragon in the distance. Behind the terror lay a scintillating medallion, beckoning the three children. The traps’ green mouths hung open, ready to devour the delectable dinner. An athlete, Lucas was used to running like a cheetah and bolted past a trap. The perilous plant lunged at Lucas, but it didn’t see another flytrap lunge from the other side. The monsters bit into one another and instead began fighting each other.

The ruthless dragon’s dark blue and beady eyes were like a nightmare. Exhaling an angry inferno at Leo, Michael pushed him away just in time. He booted the dragon, disturbing it so Lucas could sneak by and grab the medallion. Leo was so mortified he was running into the tomb’s walls and eventually fainted. Carrying Leo, Michael and Lucas sprinted towards the entrance. 

Arriving back at the collapsing tomb, luckily, a giant rock fell on top of the malicious dragon. The medallion led the children to a ladder. Suddenly, a strong scent ticked their nostrils. FOOD! It was the canteen but, the ladder had led them into a cupboard.
“How are we meant to get out,” Lucas pondered.
“Does it matter? At least we’ve got ice-cream,” Leo replied.