Slowly degrading from the putrid earth Agnes, Azures mother whispered to her “The next prince you encounter will be your wedded husband”. Moments later Agnes stopped breathing, closing her eyes, Azure knew fate was knocking at her doorstep.

Days would pass, Azure would dig bit by bit on the dirt making a human sized hole to put her mother in. Days later she finished her goal and slowly put her mother’s body in. Setting all the dirt back to bury her mother to bury her mother a lady walks by and glares at Azure and thinks how hardworking she is and asks her, “do you want to stay at my cottage?” and on an act of desperation she trusts her and accepts the offer. But soon did she realise one mistake can effect a lifetime.

Treating her like a monarch she thought she made the most
magnificent choice. Days had passed and the stepmother seemed off. Azure noticed in the past few days she had become more violent. Making any mistake, the mother would get irritated but would brush it off. An evening the step-mother told Azure to pick all the cabbage from the garden. She politely accepted and went off to go get it.

Near midnight, the sky was darker than the impurest of hearts. The cold wind breeze bites her chin as she accepts defeat. She knew she was lured out here left for demise.

She couldn’t survive. Despair washed over her, but she forced herself to continue wandering around she stumbled across a tree who reminded her of something but she couldn’t tell. A sense of delight washed over her for a moment. “CRACK!”. She looked in the distance and saw a tall a black entity so she dashed. Running through the bushes, she could hear the pine leaves crunching below her followed by her heavy breathing, she sprinted like never before. As her feet kept shuffling through the debris which slowed her down. The tired Azure couldn’t run anymore, the cold wind gave her frostbite as she stood there and blacked out.

The sound of doves chirped, waterfall splashing and the people talking woke Azure up. The prince of Castle Cain had found her last night and took her to the palace and they lived happily ever after…
Or did they? Soon got word to the step-mother that her own step-daughter was going to become a queen. So she rushed over to the castle and demanded that Azure shall be killed and the king accepted. He sent a talented hunter to her room and what he saw disturbed him. Azures body, lungs, pancreas, heart and both intestines were smeared across the room.

So the horrified hunter came back to the king with the news. What the step-mother didn’t know was to request a death you have to pay with your own life. So the king requested the mother to step into a room with the hunter and moments later the hunter came out with a decapitated step-mother’s head.

The End