My mum was born with deep brown eyes
And gorgeous wavy hair
She went to school and did her work
She never was aware

She’d die in hunger, cold and sick
For no other reason
That she was born a Jewish girl
And got accused of treason

She died before she had a chance
To live, to love, to give
She hasn’t died, she has been killed
I pray, I can’t forgive

If I was born, I may have saved
The world from SARS and AIDs
Or found a way to stop at once
Humanity crusades

Or maybe I could have received
A Nobel Prize for Peace
Or went to games to see in Greece
My little sisters’ niece

What if the world has lost in me
Next Mozart or Monet
Now stop and think. Keep thinking hard
Of choices made today

You can’t undo the holocaust
You can’t undo old wars
But stop and think of future kids
The kids that could be yours

Some kids survive, some live, some die
Some loved and some deceived
But what do you call the kids like I
The kids that weren’t conceived

May wisdom reach all peoples’ hearts
My story’s not a prank
All mums need kids and kids need mums
My mothers’ name’s Anne Frank