High up in the hills near the snowy white mountains, the air felt clean and fresh.  Tall trees with multi-coloured fruits grew in the forest nearby. Calm fluffy white clouds covered the bright blue sky.  Clean crisp cold air blew onto the beautiful hilltops. Birds were chirping high up in the trees enjoying the delicious fruit that tastes spectacular. There is a misty cold breeze blowing off the snowy white mountains.

Leila the warrior stood amongst the tall trees with multicolored fruits.  Leila believed that she was the strongest and best warrior in all the lands. She always had a good attitude about herself.

One day while out in the hilltops carrying her treacherous shovel sword, she came upon some villagers gathering the delicious fruits.  In her harsh Aussie accent, she said “What are you doing here and why are you picking fruit from my trees?”  The frightened villagers who were scared of the fierce and strong Leila, were speechless and slowly backed away from the tall, strong woman in her brown army suit with green night vision goggles on her head.  Leila snarled as the villagers backed away and held up her fist in victory.

Leila may not love others, but she loves her sparkly blue glass necklace that she wears always!

Suddenly, Leila hears a noise coming from behind a group of trees.  What was the noise?  Leila concentrated on the noise, trying to figure out what it was.  She stood still turning her head to the side.  Leila heard it again and crept slowly towards the group of trees where the noise was coming from.  Slowly, she peered around the group of trees and found two little girls.  She asked them what was wrong and who they were.  They said to Leila, “We are Brooklyn and Hope and we are 5 years old and we don’t know where are parents are or where our village is.  We are lost”.    Brooklyn and Hope started to cry a little harder. 

They asked Leila if she knew where their parents were. Leila felt sad, as she did not know where their parents were and told them so.  They told Leila how they got there, they said, “our parents told us to go and pick berries from the berry trees so we did it, but we cannot find our way home or find our way to the village!” Leila felt awful for the girls and told them about the exciting journey she was on to find the ice dragons cove, over on the snowy white mountains.  Leila asked Brooklyn and Hope if they would like to join her on the journey. 

Brooklyn said, “I guess so”. And Hope said “only if we stick together”.  They made Leila promise that they would look for their parents along the way. As it was getting late in the day, they decided they would build a shelter to sleep in for the night and they would begin their journey the next day. Brooklyn gathered sticks to make fire while Hope got some fruit out of their fruit picking basket and Leila got huge sticks and giant leaves to build their shelter near the old oak tree.  Later they settled in for the night and huddled together under the starry night sky.

The next morning, they packed up camp and began the trek down from the hilltops following the track to the bottom.  Waiting for them at the bottom was a raging river filled with large boulders.  The water was flowing fast.  On the other side of the river the snowy mountains stood.  This is where they needed to get to, to find the Ice Dragon’s cove.

Leila scans the river and finds some good sturdy boulders which they can use to cross the river.  Leila pulls a rope out of her bag which she ties to all three of their waists to keep them safe.  Leila leads the way leaping onto the first boulder.  Brooklyn and Hope follow.  After a good half an hour, Leila and Brooklyn make it to safety of the other side of the bank.  Hope is on the last boulder when all of a sudden, she slips into the raging river, nearly pulling Brooklyn in with her. 

Leila quickly grabs Hope’s arm before she starts to float away and pulls her back to safety onto the bank beside Brooklyn.  Coughing and spluttering water, Hope collapses onto her back and thanks Leila in a shaky croaky voice.  Once everyone has calmed down and their heart rates have returned to normal, they look up and realise they have to hike up the snowy mountain.  Brooklyn and Hope gasp in disbelief.  Leila says, “Don’t worry, I’ve hiked it before, it is easier than it looks.  Let’s camp for the night so we have lots of energy for tomorrow”.

They find the warmest spot sheltered from the snow and set up camp. Morning comes quickly, Leila wakes first and finds some berries in the fruit basket.  She searches through all the bags and figures out that she can make a berry pie.  Once the pie is ready, she wakes up Brooklyn and Hope.  They all enjoy their food for it is yummy, nutritious and delicious.  After filling their tummies with yummy food and hydrating with water from the river, Leila tells them, “let’s begin our hike”.

The girls trusted Leila for she has proved to be their friend.  They set off up the snowy mountain.  At first it was easy but the later it got in the day and the higher up the mountain they went, it got harder.  Their legs and feet were sinking into the cold snow which caused their legs to ache and freeze.  After nearly a full day climbing, they reach the top of the snow mountain where the Ice Dragon lives.  They searched high and low to find the entrance of the Ice Dragon’s cove, until finally Leila spots something blue and shiny peeking out from underneath the snow.  They decide to go and investigate.  The three of them used their hands to dig through the snow until they found the blue and shiny door which was locked!  Leila told Brooklyn and Hope, “stand back, I’m going to ply open the door with my shovel sword”.  The girls looked a little confused but mainly scared.  They didn’t know what a shovel sword was.

As Leila started to pry open the door, the door suddenly slammed open and there stood the Ice Dragon.  The Ice Dragon asked, “Who goes there and what do you want from me?  How dare you pry open my door”.  Brooklyn and Hope are now really scared and cowering behind Leila.  They’ve never seen a dragon before, let alone an Ice Dragon.  Leila asks Brooklyn and Hope to stay back so that she can talk to the Ice Dragon.  Leila tells the Ice Dragon that she is Holly’s sister and that she’s here to retrieve Holly’s necklace that the Ice Dragon has.   

The Ice Dragon asks Leila a series of questions, “What was Holly’s birthday? What’s her favourite colour? What does the necklace look like?  What is the colour of the necklace?”   Leila passes the test with flying colours and the Ice Dragon invites Leila, Brooklyn and Hope into his cove.   The Ice Dragon went to the back of a cove to a secret cabinet.  He puts in a code which opens the door.  He pulls out Holly’s necklace.  It was shimmery purple and a pretty gold chain.  As the Ice Dragon hands Leila, the necklace, he offers to fly Leila, Brooklyn and Hope back to the forest high up in the hills.  The three girls hop up onto the Ice Dragon’s back and they set off with their arms in the air – like they just don’t care.

When they land back at the hilltop, they all sigh and thank the Ice Dragon for the necklace and getting them back safely to the hilltop.  The Ice Dragon says, “anytime, just call my name if you need me”.  Not far from where the Ice Dragon left them high up on the hilltop, Brooklyn and Hope instantly recognised their small village.  They squeal with delight as the villagers ran out, calling for their parents as they sprint towards them.  Brooklyn and Hope yelled to their parents with tears in their eyes.  As their parents came out of their hut, Brooklyn and Hope sprinted up to them and threw their arms around them and held on tight.

Their parents are very relieved to have their daughters home again and safely in their arms.  They invited Leila to join them for dinner.  Leila politely declined saying, “no thank you, I’ve got some places to be”.   Leila turned to the girls and told them, “Be brave, stand strong and never give up!  Give everything a go, you never know if you don’t try”.  Leila hugs the girls and jogged back into the forest and hid behind the group of trees that she met Brooklyn and Hope at three days ago.  She took her blue glass necklace off and took her sister’s shimmery purple necklace out of her pocket.  She joined the two halves of the love hearts together.

Leila put the joined necklaces around her neck and spun around.

With the necklaces joined once again, Leila took her rightful place as the Warrior Princess she was destined to be.