A beat of the wings and another squawk of the beak caught the attention of my close friends.

“This way!” I called, the sound echoing above the tall trees, catching the wind to spread far across the sky. A flurry of wings beat like a synchronised dance with the steady pace of my flapping keeping time. The day was done, we had been flying around, observing what some ugly, large creatures were doing to our habitat, and now it was time to go home. These weird creatures were called different things; one said “Building and Construction: Sam”, one said “Building and Construction: Doug”, and there was even a “Building and Construction: Hamish”! Why do all of these things have the same first name? It’s not even that appealing… This thought was just drifting through my head when Joey called out behind me, “Jessa, where next?”

“To the left!” I responded, turning to the left and picking up speed, everyone trailing behind me.

“V formation!” I called and we all formed a large V to save us energy. We were getting close; the massive Sitka Spruce should be nearing here, right about… now.                            Where is it? Where did it go? Wait, why are our families out in the middle of the town? Where are the houses? Who did this? Why is everything gone? My crew dived to see their families, and I swooped down to my husband and little girl.

“Mum! Mum!” She said, “Mum, I have all of your stuff, dad and I packed up while we were trying to get out of the way!”

“What do you mean Azura darling?” I responded, glancing over at Jayvee, (my husband) who just looked down at his feathers.

“The creatures came with big yellow things and completely demolished everyone’s homes.” She replied.

“OK,” I said, and beat my wings firmly, flying upwards in front of everyone, “We’ve got this.”

“Listen up everyone!” I yelled, so those at the back could hear me, “Because this is the only time I’m saying it! Our homes have, yes, been destroyed, but we will not get anywhere by just sitting around doing nothing! I know you are upset, as am I! My family does not have a place to stay, just like all of you! So from now on, we will search for a home in another habitat. Understood?” I decisively announced.

“Understood!” They chorused.

“Good. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.” I added quietly. I didn’t know how to react to this disaster. I tried looking firm, but inside I had crumpled like paper under pure pressure.

Chatter spread out among the crowd as we all hoisted our bags and children onto our backs to set out on a wild adventure. The search of a new home.
We spread out everywhere through the forest areas, splitting up to cover more land, searching for shelter, food and water.  Nothing, nothing, -and you guessed it! – Nothing. No place was ever as good as our previous village, no; don’t say that, no comparing.

Five days passed and we had no luck. I started to worry. What would happen now? Do we keep searching or do we rest? Where would we rest? What about the young kids and the seniors? They must be exhausted! We need to find somewhere, and fast!
The next day I called a meeting.

“We need a break,” I started, and smiled as the kids cheered, “So our next task is to find a temporary home. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to work.”
Only a few days later, we had found shelter and everyone was relaxing. It was time to rest; tomorrow we would go to search for a home.

A day passed and we had nothing. I began to panic; the following generations will be living on the ground! The Blue Jay bird would not know how to fly or be extinct! No, that is not possible, calm down Jessa! But my wings didn’t stop increasing speed and my heart rate was almost matching its rhythm. Then I heard it, the sound of a fellow Blue Jay finding success. We did it! We had found shelter, and gathered water and food. With persistence we had reached our goal. Yet, if those ‘Building and Construction’ creatures hadn’t destroyed our home, we wouldn’t have needed this goal in the first place.

Those who take things from others when they know the consequences, or even when they don’t know the consequences won’t have to pay, because it’s not them who will get in trouble, it’s the victims. Our planet is too weak for us to leave it to die. The only things that can reverse the effects is the one that caused them. The creatures. All of them.