Let us travel to the land where music swells,
in fanfares of long forgotten time,
where pixies jig amongst the oaks,
and fire burns of salt and lime.

Let us dwell beneath the realm of man,
Unbeknownst to our foes,
Looping chains of daisy stems,
Twisting sorrow into bows.

Let us plunge into the world of mischief,
Falling, fleeting, facing fear,
But when finding everything has faltered,
What endures is still right here.

Let us face a throng of wilting souls
Forging brilliance, breaking chains,
Let us face unbridled pessimism,
And tightly grip what still remains.

O, come then, onwards, upward bound,
Towards the sky, unfaltering, beguiled,
For none have proved to be as charming,
As the true heart of a child.