The grass is a sea of green with white-dew-foam upon its crests that rise so freely toward the sunlight. She is every green from gold-infused to the deepest summer foliage. Perhaps in a few weeks, when the sun is warmer once more, she will be as quiet as harbour waters, oblate and serene, but for now she is joyous waves, natural and wild. To my right, I notice a daisy, a meagre boat afloat in that vast, green sea. In the soft breeze passing, the grass becomes her dance partner, both free and together. I see how the light brings her petals to the kind of white that dazzles just a little, so vibrant next to her sunny core.

Yet, in truth, that middle piece is a bouquet of golden blooms, one for the bees and fervent eyes who seek. Above, the sky appears as a silky-smooth cloak that has been thrown over our world. It’s as if we’re inside some sort of box, a sheet thrown over the top, and the golden light of the sun seeping through the fibres. My ear drums ring with the birds’ trill. Melodiously high, the chorus is as playful as the birds themselves.

I look down at my brown, fur-covered paws and wiggle my short stubby toes as I stand up, rising from where I lay. Today was to be a great day. A day full of adventure. Hopping down the man-made path that now existed within my forest home, I keep my eyes peeled for any clover. It’s my absolute favourite food. I look to my left where, in the light of the new day, I see small birds who seek their nourishment among the tall wands of grass.

They hop amid the dew that glistens with scattered rays, upon feet that are the strong browns of the forests. Bang! A sudden chill runs through the air and my hairs stand on end. I see another rabbit run past me as if fearing for its life, and the volery of birds swiftly fly away. Should I be worried? I too run. I’d no idea why, but whatever they were running from, I didn’t want to witness it.

My paws smash against the dirt beneath me, flicking up the excess soil with every rushed step. Thump. Thump. Thump. And my heart beats faster than ever, feeling as if my chest will burst at any moment. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. I continue running, with no intention of stopping. I have so much life left in me. Today would not be my last. I pass the trees of my forest home. Pass the pond which I drank from only hours earlier.

Running. Running.

Until I met the end of my path. The rocky cliff. I’d nowhere else to go. I was forced to stop my scampering or else I’d fall into the infinite nothingness which loomed below. I turn to face my enemy. Humans. They step ever closer, their tools stretched out in front. I surrender.

My will to live diminished. Closing my eyes tightly, I prepare for gun shot, anticipating my family’s fate to become my own. I am so young, with so much to live for. I was going to get my life together, find a partner and create a family of my own. But it was clear that this was never going to happen.

This was the end. This was my death. Seconds go past, minutes. But nothing. No sudden noise or impact, no pain. I seem to remain untouched, still sitting upright and breathing as per usual. Opening my clenched eyelids, I see the humans standing, staring at me.

One holding a long metal instrument, directing its tip towards my helpless body, the other staring at the forest beyond. The object is the same as that used on my family. My mother, father and brother. Maybe there was a positive to this situation.

Maybe my end won’t be so bad after all. I won’t have to be alone anymore. Won’t have to witness another breeding season alone, watching all the other happy families. We can be reunited in the afterlife, and an end will be supplied to this nightmare in which I’ve lived for the past year.

I finally had my solution to the one problem I had been facing for all this time. All my worry and fear suddenly slipped away, growing into a pleasurable joy that flooded my body with warmth.

I was to see my family again. I imagined my little brother hopping towards my mother and father who hop towards him in return. As this thought came to mind, so did the bullet.

This small piece of metal sank into my skull, the force thrusting me backwards, and my body only just missing the edge of the cliff. A fuzzy feeling filled my brain, all sensations disappearing into numbness, my vision turning black. My next adventure awaited me.