We’ve got a problem with communication
and it’s becoming quite a concern,
we flip ourselves over frustrations,
yes, I’m losing faith in words.

Burn away towers of communication,
throw them away, cast them aside,
shed these weapons of separation,
these cutting words must be denied.

Words without warmth take away my soul,
they slip vaguely beyond my control,
stopping me from passing though the midnight toll,
stopping me from passing to my supreme goal.

Why must I live up to expectations
and suffer from standards of society?
Why must I be a comparison
And wreck myself with anxiety?

You bully those who aren’t true
to your idea of perfection,
an idea that’s a mirror image of you
you’re not fond of introspection.

To cross this river of loneliness
we need the key to future happiness,
we learn to fight against bitterness and hatred,
now ask yourself, why were you created?

With no war and no brutality,
if we love each other we’ll find victory,
but in this harsh reality
we need faith in the goodness of humanity.

Tears of reality,
sighs of morality
drowning in this dreadful sea,
can it be… ME?