he night was starting to darken and the stars were brightening. The spooky music has started to play. Every single house was decorated for Halloween. One of the best decorated houses was owned by Gary Smith. Gary was an excellent diver for more than 30 years. Gary had a son by the name of Alex, like his father Alex was very passionate about sea creatures and the ocean. Alex has brown curly hair and lots of freckles. With a tan from the sun.

Alex hated Halloween, he decided he didn’t want to go trick-or-treating so he went to the beach, knowing the beach would be quiet and peaceful. Alex didn’t like big crowds, all he wanted to do was sit back and relax with nobody around him except the dazzling night. Stars bounced off the ocean as Alex sat and relaxed, he noticed that people were starting to spill onto the beach. Alex figured that the actual ocean would be more relaxing.  Quickly Alex ran home, to get his diving equipment. 

All the diving equipment was too heavy for Alex to walk back to the beach. Instead he took his bike and put the oxygen tanks in a little wagon attached to the back of his bike. Finally, Alex reached the beach, and eagerly jumped into the ocean to find something spectacular. As Alex swam deeper into the ocean. A small light appeared out of nowhere. Alex wanted to get a closer look at this light. As Alex was swimming closer to the light it began to double in size. Alex stopped as he couldn’t get any closer. The massive light quickly dashed forward and through Alex, but on the other side of the light Alex was gone. The light was spinning as if it were about to shape shift. PLOP a small curly shell plopped onto the ocean floor.

Alex suddenly stopped swimming and was now walking in an all white hallway that never seemed to end, but there were lots of black and white pictures of five men on a pirate ship. As Alex was walking down the mysterious hallway the pictures grew more familiar to Alex. Suddenly a story came to mind as he was looking at the pictures. The young boy remembered a story his Father, Gary told him when he was a little boy. ‘Once upon a time five brave pirates sailed across the dark sea to find the heart of Mutumuta. Legends say that the pirates found the heart and the shape shifted into another dimension.’

Alex was sure that the pictures were of the five pirates. Alex kept walking.  There was a sudden turn in in the hallway, and there sat a white door. Curious, Alex opened the door and saw an island.  There were shops and cafes but they were not normal. Everyone on the island was either holding a pirate hat or wearing one. Alex surprisingly was welcomed by the pirates. After walking around the island for a while Alex spotted a small wooden boat.

Alex saw a pirate walking towards it, and asked “Do yall want to buy this boat?” said the pirate with a cowboy tone. Alex responded with a short, “Yes Please”.  “That would be ten dollars,” said the Pirate. Alex emptied his pockets and in his left pocket were two five dollar notes, “Thank you very much.” said the pirate excitedly, Alex jumped in the boat, but then began to sail out to sea. 

He remembered that he didn’t know how to sail, but then he noticed he had his phone on him. “I will just search it up on youtube,” Alex whispered to himself. After a couple hours Alex finally learnt how to sail. On Alex’s phone there was an app called MAPS. Alex thought maybe that will tell him where Gary’s house was, and he was not too far from where it, as the map, said “HOME” in large text.

Alex was determined to find Gary. Alex set sail in the direction of home. After a couple hours Alex was exhausted, he decided to have a little rest and continue in the morning. Alex woke up and it looked too bright to be early in the morning, he checked his phone and it read 3:12pm Alex quickly hopped up and started to sail again, Alex’s phone only said there were ten minutes to his home. 

Alex squinted and finally he could see land. “YES,” Alex screamed at the top of his lungs. Alex wondered why there were police on the beach. Turns out it had been a full five days for them. The police were so relieved and happy as they saw Alex’s face. Alex quickly ran to Gary’s house and knocked on the door. He banged so hard on the door that the door flung open, and there sitting on the rocking chair by the fire was GARY!!!!