Boom! Crack! The pirate airship’s claw dug into the outer layer of another airship. As Lord Petey Bones looked on he told his servant, Larry the Stupid, to inform Lord Petey’s loyal pirates to get the weapons and board the smaller airship.

The appearance of Lord Petey was not necessarily what you would think a pirate may look like. He wore a bionic leg from his horrific experience battling other airships crews, an eyepatch (though he did have an eye under it) and wore his hair in long locks. Following him everywhere was a Proboscis Monkey (a monkey with an extremely large nose) called Mr Snoot who was the pirate’s best friend. The monkey was like him, cruel to anyone else but his master. As his name suggests he is extremely nosy and gets into everybody’s business.

Lord Petey Bones watched the battle from the command deck of his airship.

The pirates swung their swords as they took over the smaller airship. In a matter of minutes the battle was over thanks to Mr. Snoot who dropped liquid nitrogen, creating a cloud of smoke that blinded the Royal Air Force so the pirates could capture them.

The pirates manhandled the prisoners (Air Force Captain, Oakley, Anton and Muhhummad) and brought them to Lord Petey. “Well, well, well, who do we ‘ave ere,” said Lord Petey.

“They are the Royal Air Force my Lord,” said Servant Larry.

“I know that!” yelled Lord Petey.

Larry went quiet. Mr. Snoot began mocking Servant Larry and cackling at him.

“As I was saying, what were ye doing when we captured ye,” said Lord Petey.

“We know who you are,” said the Royal Air Force Captain. “And we won’t speak a word to you or your fellow pirates.”

“Well how unfortunate,” said Lord Petey, “because if ye don’t speak ye all shall die!”

“I will never speak!” said the Captain.

Lord Petey drew his sword and swiftly swiped at the Captain. The Captain fell to the floor, motionless.

“Well now you know the consequence of not speaking, but we can’t afford to kill anymore of ye or it will look suspicious to the Air Police. So we are going to torture ye. Oh what fun, what fun indeed!”

Mr. Snoot cackled again, his giant nose bobbing up and down with every snort of his breath.

The Royal Air Force crew (or what was left of them) were now prisoners.  They were marched to the lower deck and tied up by rope to barrels of rum.

“How are we gonna get out of this?” says Anton.

“I dunno!” said Muhhummad.

“Well we have to do something,” says Oakley, “Or we are all going to die in this rotten, stink’n pirate ship.”

“I-I-I think I can help,” quivered a voice from the shadows. “I’ve been a prisoner for so long in fact that I know all the secret hatches in the pirate ship.”

“Who are you?” questioned Anton.

“I am Elijah, old servant to Lord Petey Bones’ great grandfather,” he exclaimed. The old man was nothing but skin and bones, with a long, grimy beard full of bugs and crumbs.

“Lord Petey Bones’ grandfather locked me up for no reason whatsoever!” exclaimed Elijah.

“Well, can you help us?” asked Anton.

“Not yet. We have to wait until the exact right time. But while we wait I’ll tell you a story.”

“No, no thanks” said Oakley impatiently but Elijah had already begun.

“It was the year 2050, before you were born. The world had terrible, terrible pollution.”

“Hold on,” interrupted Muhhammad. “What is the World?”

Ellijah sighed. “The world is a planet where we once roamed on the ground. There were buildings and houses and cars and there were lots of people everywhere. But then the pollution came and we had to take to the skies. Underneath us right now is the world but we can’t go down there below the clouds. The pollution has made the world toxic and it is unsafe to breathe the air. But the clouds act as a barrier against the toxic gas and that is why we are safe up here.”

Elijah paused to take a breath and then continued on with the story.

“I was once on that world, was born in the year 2015 and was 35 years old when we had to take to the sky. My family’s airship was captured by the pirates and I was made a servant to Lord Calico Jack. I served him until Lord Petey Bones’ grandfather murdered Lord Calico to take the pirate throne. I was sent down to this here place and this is where I have been all these years.”

Oakley, Anton and Muhhammad were speechless. Elijah had revealed so many things that they didn’t know.

Then suddenly, Lord Petey, Mr. Snoot and Servant Larry the Stupid appeared at the doorway.

Elijah scurried back to his hiding spot in between two barrels.

“Time for ye torture you lo’,” said Lord Petey Bones. He tossed Servant Barry the Stupid down to where the others were sitting.

“Servant Elijah the Scared, come ou’ now and be loyal to me!” yelled Lord Petey. Elijah came out of his hiding spot and crawled his way up to Lord Petey.

“Untie them and bring them to the top deck,” said Lord Petey to Elijah.

Lord Petey slammed the door. The time had come to escape.

Elijah quickly untied the Royal Air Force crew and showed them a secret hatch under the airship.

“Here, escape now,” said Elijah. He opened the hatch revealing a ladder that led all the way down to an escape airship that was there for emergencies. Muhhummad, Oakley and Anton all jumped down onto the airship.

“Are you coming with us Elijah?” said Anton.

“No,” said Elijah. “I’m blowing this ship up to bring an end to the pirates!”

“Don’t do it you’ll…,” shouted Anton, but it was too late as Elijah launched the emergency airship away.

All that was left to do now was for Elijah to plant a bomb.

The old man scurried up to deck knowing that the bomb was ticking below.

“Servant Elijah, where have you been?”

Just then the emergency airship came in front of the cockpit. It zoomed past the ship.

“Elijah, you betrayer!” yelled Lord Petey. “You know the consequence-.” But just at that moment the ship rocked as the bomb exploded, creating a chain reaction which sent it spiralling and Elijah, Lord Petey Bones and Larry the Stupid with it. BOOM!

Anton turned to see a ball of fire in the sky.

“Elijah succeeded!” cried Muhhummad.

Even though Elijah died, he blew up the pirate ship. So that is something to celebrate.

As Muhhummad, Anton and Oakley sailed away happily, they didn’t see the proboscis monkey climbing aboard the rear of their ship.