Burning flames shot out of Nixxi’s tail causing bystanders and villagers to hyperventilate from the panic that she might yet kill another innocent victim. Nixxi’s holographic appearance made her unexpected presence seem more aggressive rather than a little visit to what she thought was ‘Her Kingdom’. Even though  it was only a hologram, the fear had already reached the villagers that she might one day appear for real. Her majestic body and flaming beak would be shown once again.

Nixxi was brought up by herself. She taught herself everything and didn’t trust anyone. That was one of the many reasons why no one trusted her. She was so misunderstood because of her rare appearance that others took for granted. When she was a Phenoet, the condensation from leaves dripped into the middle of her wings as she was slashed by the Empress spilling crimson blood out of the deep wounds creating red stains all across her delicate, strong body. This was how her striking appearance was created.  Everyone was afraid of ‘Her Royal Phoenix’, all except one… Her name was Fleur.

The smoky, miserable town was a lot more deserted than expected at this time of year. Lonely tufts of cloud made their way across the empty streets. The roar of thunder and the crash of lightning like waves among a pier was what kept everyone inside. What was left of the scorched sky held onto each other. Other parts weren’t always so lucky as they were burnt to ashes and would float down to the bottom layer of cemented clouds. Every now and then an eerie twilight hour found its way into small cottages. Pixies would be among those working at diners, waiting on late night calls for deliveries. This was far from where Nixxi dwelled, still it was among her small visits each year.

Pixaliea Town was home to Fleur, a small middle schooler who believed she could change this world. There was only one small problem. She was only about 2 ft 3 and didn’t really stand out as a fierce superior. All the adolescent Pixies thought all she did was spend her time procrastinating. Little did they know one day they would hide with shame in dark alley ways.