It was a windy, rainy day in Denmark. Three little girls lived in a little cottage by the river.

The eldest girl’s name was Ella. She had chestnut hair and caramel eyes. The middle girl’s name was Zoe. She had glass clear eyes, and night dark hair. The youngest girl was Misty. She had fog grey eyes and white hair.

The three girls wanted to swim in the luscious, refreshing water. Soon enough the dark clouds cleared, the sky and the wind died down. The fiery, hot sun took the dark clouds place in the never-ending blue sky.

Misty and her sisters bolted out the door and dived in for a swim in the river. After the girls finished their stupendous swim, Ella noticed something shiny by the riverbed.

Ella called to her sisters, “What is that shiny thing over there?” Zoe and Misty went over to where Ella was standing. It was a glowing puddle. The sisters were so surprised. The girls couldn’t wait to tell their parents.

The next day, Misty and her sisters skipped down the emerald stairs to find that their parents had gone!

Zoe found a note from their mum it said, “We went for a walk around the garden. Be back soon Love MUM! And DAD!

Ella didn’t want to wait around all day for her parents to come back. Ella went to have a look at the sparkling, rainbow puddle she found yesterday. After a minute Zoe was wondering what was taking Ella so long. Zoe followed Ella’s footprints to the puddle.

Misty was bored trying to cheer herself up, so she opted to see what the others were doing. Misty used her instincts to find where the girls were. She found the end of their trail, but her sisters weren’t there.

Misty was frightened so she tried calling them. Her end of the phoneline rang and finally Zoe answered. “Misty, me and Ella are stuck under the glowing puddle. We think it is special in some way,”

“How did you get stuck under there in the first place?” Misty questioned.

“I inadvertently bumped into Ella when I was following her footsteps. Ella and I fell headfirst into the puddle, and we ended up under it,”

“Hang on I will be right there!” Misty hung up the phone and got her supplies like rope and food. Misty thought to herself, “sisters, here I come”.

Misty courageously walked on the glowing puddle and thud! She landed on some sandy ground. Misty looked around to see where her sisters were. She couldn’t see them.

Surprisingly, Misty heard Ella’s voice say, “I heard a thump. Maybe Misty is here,” Misty heard footsteps hurrying towards her. She knew it was her sisters, but just in case it was somebody else, Misty armed herself with sand. Misty threw the sand aside and hugged her sisters.

The sisters wished their parents were here. Out of nowhere, the girls parents fell on top of them. Overjoyed and delighted, the sisters cuddled their parents as if they had been gone forever.

Everyone except Misty asked, “How are we going to get out of here?” Misty said, “We can use my rope I brought down here in case we couldn’t go back up.

One by one, each person went up the rope to the higher ground. The family leaned heads on each other as the group of them walked through the door, happy that it was over. The end Book2 Coming Soon!