Victoria was sprinting down the mountain side careful not to fall of the edge as she returned from her once-in-a-lifetime quest vacation. She was tip-toeing along the rocky, creaky mountain track. She was holding her bow and arrow as she walked as stealthily as a ninja. Her sensitive listening was careful for even the smallest sounds.

It was forbidden to be out after 1pm. That was one of the Earth King’s strictest rules for over 1000 years and the penalty was execution.

Victoria slid into a hot, misty cave that blended into the rocky part of the mountain. It smelt like water and rotten eggs. The rocks under her shoes were sharp and painful to her bare feet.

She had survived being out after 1pm before, but never for so many hours and so high up the mountain. She wished with so much love that she was back at the palace with her two best friends. Her stomach ached as it ran through her mind that she might only be living for a few more minutes even though the Earth King was her eldest brother.

Victoria leapt to a pause as she heard three Earth Warriors talking behind her, stomping in her direction. They were cracking jokes at each other and stopped halfway through suspiciously. They had not yet found her, captured her and murdered her but if they did…

She caught her breath anxiously glancing in all directions, searching a way for freedom. Rocky covers grew on both sides of the cave slippery with disgusting water and dusty with dried sand. She could never wall jump with the conditions of the cave and her boots. She couldn’t turn back and jump off the mountain either.

To do so would be absolutely bonkers and she would fall to her death. But if she sat there sulking, the Warriors would find her and she would die in seconds. By arrow or by sword, she would die. Victoria straightened herself against the cave wall, quiet as an ant, forcing herself not to sneeze. The Warriors became clearer. Louder, louder…

She leapt out into the empty pathway and looked behind were she could see the Earth King’s palace in view, annoyed with hatred. For five years the palace had been the lair of the Earth King. Her friends told her that before he was crowned, the palace was were the former Earth King had lived, having served whatever he wanted, and the palace could be seen clearly. After the new Earth King’s coronation, the palace was completely covered from an earth wall.

So it was with relief that she stopped in front of a hole. The Earth Warriors were close and this was her only chance of escape. So with one deep breath Victoria jumped down the hole and slid all the way down. She came to a stop at an earthy platform and took one look around before she realised that she was at the bottom of the mountain and in front her was her long, black skateboard with a white skull. With one gigantic leap, Victoria got onto her skateboard and rolled all the way to her parents’ house, dodged the mango tree which was swishing around and bashed the door open, her head filled with happiness.

Little did she know that in a few seconds her eyes were going to see things that they never saw before. Little did she know that she was going to see something out of her mind.