Monday 9:oo am

We’re just having breakfast right now and then we’re going to play hide and seek. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ginger the fish. One thing to know about me is, that I am very shy and I don’t like playing with the other fish.

My friends are Sunny, Ruby, Pearl, Oreo, Sunshine and Shimmer. Well, sadly the truth is, they’re actually not my friends, they’re just the other fish I live with. Most of the time they’re rude. DIIIIIIINNNNNG! Oh sorry!, that was the bell, I have to go for breakfast BYE!
After Breakfast 9:30 am

Breakfast was not that bad, “thankfully”, because usually what happens is, they just ignore me, so I moved to the other side of the table and enjoyed my breakfast alone.
Anyway enough about breakfast, lets go back to the present!
My goal today was to figure out a way to fit in with others because I’m small and chubby and the others are big and strong.
I thought for a couple of minutes and then suddenly an idea popped in my head.

My Idea 9:50 am

I had the greatest idea in the history of ideas. My idea was to try and look like others, so then I might be able to fit in.

A Couple Of Minutes Later….

I found a piece of seaweed and some rocks. I carefully adjusted the items on my body then TADAAA! I had transformed myself to be like others.
I stealthly swimmed behind the castle and waited for a few seconds. Then, I took the courage to go and join in with the game of Hide and Seek. They all started laughing, and told me that I looked ridiculous. They never thought that they had made me feel excluded. Then from the back of the crowd came, Grandpa Einstein. I wondered, what he was going to say???
What Grandpa Einstein Said…. 10:15 am

Little Fish, he began, “You never had to look like us”he said, while taking the items off, I had put on myself. “All you had to do, was come up and stand for yourself and say, STOP! ” And then he laughed, “this was a test to see, if you had the capability to stand up for yourself”.

“You see Ginger, this shyness occurs to most fish, even humans, so you are not the only one. In fact I had the same problem, when I was your age”. WOW! I said, with an astonished look on my face. And then I asked, “Does that mean I failed the test?”. Grandpa replied, “NO!!!, this just means that, you need to go to school like the other fish”.

Facts about my Grandpa: First, is that he farts a lot and blames someone else for it. Second, he is really fat.  I didn’t draw him fat in the picture just in case Grandpa saw
“Really”, I said. “Yes”, grandpa responded. “Yay!”, I shouted, spinning around in the water. I had never been to school before, so I was really excited.

School 11:00 am

I received a letter from Grandpa Eienstein,


Dear Ginger,

you do not need to keep the little diary that Grandma Lime gave to you. Since, you will be getting a new one at school.

From, Grandpa Eienstein.

I knew that Grandpa was right, so I walked to my big rock and with all my might, I lifted the rock and put my diary under it. Hopefully,one day, somebody will find it and read it. Then probably learn a lesson or two from it. With that, I said goodbye to my diary and let go of the rock.