My fingers nimbly picking,
each plain black and white key,
the unfilled notes,
the scrunched-up music sheet,
titled “My Heart Will Go On”
the mess of incomplete love song lyrics.

There is a sad symphony in the air
Which I just want play
The sky is just grey,
Like every single day.
She is now in paradise,
where God wanted Her to be.

But it is not where I wanted her to be.
She was here,
but just a moment
like a night time shooting star.
She touched my heart,
like only Angels can.

I would’ve held her every minute
If I’d only known God’s plan.
And here I find,
Teardrops flowing right from my cheeks
While trying to play some unknown harmonies.

Come pushing in between,
My notes seem to sigh,
The lights to burn pale
My world disappears
My surroundings fade
Until there is nothing,
but Her.

Her scent lingers
Like her enchanting smile
Never close enough to touch
But just near enough to breathe in
She is here with me.

I start to play,
to the beat of my heart
The music flow through my blood,
through every vain in my body
Making me feel alive.

Until every inch of my body,
overflowed with vivid rhythms,
She turned my pain,
into a masterpiece
Like nothing else can.

The heart-racing, swirling melodies engulfs my world
Note after note,
Measure by measure
Piece by piece.

There’s spirit,
in the magic that pours out of my fingertips
sink lightly with grace
into the plain black and white keys.

I play,
Because She calls me
Though She was apart from me now,
She is closer to me than She ever was
The romantic symphony flows through my vain,
And we become one.

With some broken keys here and there
That produces the perfect imperfect sound
With every key hit and a piano string pulled,
My heartstrings get played in angelic harmony
lulling my single soul.

The vague chorus
die softly outside the bright door frame now
the keys are dead, used by unknowns now
She carried away with her,
the substance of the piano,
the masterpiece,
the love of her life.