Past the dock, far out to sea where the waters were rough, and the winds were wild was a boat. Accompanied on it was a young girl, battling with mother-nature in an attempt to take control of her vessel.
She stood tall, her silky blonde hair blew around like a flag in the wind. Her deep ocean-blue eyes pierced out to the horizon as she skidded back, gripping the wooden floorboards with her bare-feet. Her young, smooth hands latched onto the rope, holding it for dear life.

“This stupid boat!” She yelled her head pushing down against the wind. “Ah great, the sail has a hole in it. Just what I needed!” She roared. Looking up at the huge sail her eyes shooting right through the hole. She rushed down to the lower decks and grabbed a piece of old clothing. As she started patching the hole she mumbled, “Old boat. Can’t keep intact just for six minutes.” Stepping back, her face brightened. She stood tall with much poise, admiring her work. Until she spotted the true horror on the other side of the ship. “Oh shoo-“

The vessel tilted, the water licking up the wooden floors as she scrambled down to the lower deck. Her breath became hot; her face pale and her hands shaky. She could feel a fire churning inside her stomach as the boat tilted even more and she still had not found her life jacket. The vessel was moving faster than ever and before she knew it, water was plundering into the lower deck, breaking through the windows, ripping off floorboards and filling the cabin with water. The girl gathered herself together in an attempt to escape but was picked up like a toy by the blue monster and thrown out to sea.

She squinted her eyes, her vision blurry, her head throbbing and her legs sore. Her arms and legs spread out on a bed as she looked up into the blinding lights. The bed had wheels allowing it to move throughout the building; a string connected to some sort of machine latched onto her forearm as she awoke to notice a huge red cross on the door right in front of her. On each side of the bed lay two teal curtains and a table with flowers and cards. The room spun around for a good fifteen seconds until coming into full focus. She sighed with relief and let her body hang there, relaxed and safe.