The horse pawed at the ground, a beast waiting for his victory in his race. I knew it was going to crash through all the horses. The jockey looked as fierce as the horse. All of the horses were scared of the fierce racer. I had been training nearly everyday just to win this race however, I knew no one would cheer for me.

A rocket was fired, and horses stamped, and it sounded like there was a thunderstorm. The crowd was cheering as loud as they could, and I soon started moving through the field and there I was coming second, and I could see the fierce jockey far away in front of me. A few horses are catching up to me now. I need to hurry! I thought to myself panicking.

I sped up next to the fierce jockey. This is my chance I thought to myself. Suddenly, I was smashed into the fence. The savage creature got back to in the lead. I knew he’s determined to win the race, but I wasn’t going to let him win easily. I raced up but couldn’t reach.