In the dark forest there were strange whistling sounds all around the young frightened girl. She didn’t know what to do. Her face turned to a pale white colour. The first heavy drops of rain had started to fall, she needed to find somewhere to go. She found a stranded car in the distance.

Trickling blood created a path behind the girl. Dragging her infected leg, she got to the car. The keys were left in! She got to the car and began to calm down. Her heart started to slow, she turned the key and started the car. The car shuddered along the bone-shaking trail. Clouds of dust sprayed the windscreen and the car leaped in the air as the front tire struck a pot hole.

In the distance, a grey shape was glaring at her with red eyes and a wolf-like face. A skinny, black and hairless beast drifted through the forest. She needed to get out of here. CLICK! She was trapped. The seat belt did not let her out! She screamed as loud as she could but no one could hear her. The wolf-like thing kept getting closer and closer, its red eyes glowing at her. In horror, she still could not get out and then the cars seatbelt came undone, she got out and started to run as fast as she could, her arms were pumping as fast as a cheetah in the wild chasing its prey.

He darted and dodged through the trees, slipping on the wet mud and running into rocks, he fought his way through the undergrowth to get to her, ripping through tree roots and breaking trees straight out of the ground. Dragging her broken and bloody leg, she tried to get as far as she could but it was too late, he grabbed the girl’s leg and chucked her in the air and swallowed her whole, HELP! she screamed before he gobbled her up, but those was the last words she said!

Until he spat her back out many years later and she was pretty dead: no movement, lifeless. The years had not been kind to her, decay was obvious in her face covered in wrinkles like thin, crumpled paper. Black eyes and purple bruises were present all over her body.

¬†After she was abandoned on the track, her legs and arms started to rot and her eyes were eaten out by crows. Months later someone was going for a walk and found the girl there dead. He checked if she had any life left in her, even though she only had a body and a head left. He put his head to her mouth to hear if she was breathing and he heard a strange sound coming from the bloody dark hole mouth, “You’re next,” Her voice whispered.