Upon the dirt there lay a grave,
standing proud and tall,
lightning flashed, the thunder crashed,
the grave wasn’t touched at all.

At midnight, the clouds would fight with darkness,
the moon and of course the stars.
And the blood curdling howling from a nearby dog,
could be heard from afar.

All of a sudden, lightning hit,
where the grave stood proud and tall,
and something emerged from the grave,
and the grave began to fall.

As the ghastly creature rose,
from his death home in the dirt,
his extra ghastly silhouette showed
torn pants and a ripped shirt.

He walked around the grave yard,
as terrible as could be,
until he saw the grave digger.
Creepy Ron McGee.

Ron was digging in the dirt,
until he saw the thing.
Ron stopped and stared, very scared,
and his shovel hit the ground with a ping!

Blood curdling cries came from the grave yard that particular night,
and the creature looked quite happy.
Until he saw what secondly
came in sight…

Many, many houses in the town surrounded him,
he looked about the place he stood,
with an awful mischievous grin.
The lightning flashed, the thunder bashed,
but nothing stood in his way.

He fumbled about the darkness,
in the night that came before day.
The town was soon deserted, before he even knew,
the creature retreated and finally repeated,
what he knew he had to do.

He walked into the entrance,
of the graveyard he lived in,
and laid back in the dusty dirt
and covered himself up to his chin.

In the light of dawn, there lay a grave,
crumbled from the fall.
The lightning stopped, the thunder dropped,
like nothing happened that night at all.