The world collapsed into to silence, deathly chills crawled up him like an ant. The floorboards creaked beneath him, the feeling like he’s being watched overcame him. Life or potentially death, most likely death.

“Leave or save my sister?” he thought, his heart pounding out of his chest.
“Two vanilla ice-creams please!” asked Thomas.
“Here you go.” said the worker handing them their ice-creams.
“Thank you.” Said Thomas and his younger sister Mary.

As they exited the shop, it started to become nightfall. The enchanting orange fell upon them. They rushed home as their curfew was nightfall, turning the corner onto Resmen street. Everybody in their new neighbourhood started to lock their doors as they passed by.

When they got to their house, Thomas opened a gate to reveal a two-storey house made from bricks. He took out a pair of silver keys and opened the front door. When they entered, they saw their Mum sitting on a chair, waiting impatiently, “You’re late. Get to bed, NOW!” she screeched like a high-pitched banshee.

Without any questions he went up to bed. As he dawdled towards his open window, a cold breeze blew at him sending chills up his spine. He lied down on his dreamy bed after closing the window and shut his eyes. He woke up to the sound of his alarm clock screaming at him like a person being tortured, he looked at the time, “IM LATE!” He shouted.

He hastily chucked on his clothes and ran downstairs grabbing his bag on the way, “Bye!” He said in a rushed voice to his Mum while exiting the house, throwing his legs over his bike and taking off with his sister hot on his heels. ” I’m excited for our new school Mary! Are you?” “I’m so excited!” Mary shouted with excitement. They took a turn onto Throusing street.

“I think the school is down that trail.” Thomas said pointing to a track down a twisty, turny dirt path. As they entered the path, silence fell upon them. “Look Mary! There’s the cemetery mum was talking about.” He said astonished. He got no reply. “Mary? Mary? Where are you? This isn’t a funny game, if you’re going to do this to me I’ll leave without you! That’s it! I’m leaving.” He said annoyed as he carried on his journey to school.

After at least half an hour later he came to a halt. There in front of him was an abandoned town built out of decaying wood. A cold breeze whipped his hair in the wind and the hair on the back of his head stood up… One house stood out like a sore thumb and towered above him, its blinds rattling in the wind.

“This isn’t school, where am I?” Thomas swore he saw movement through the top window. His urge to explore was overcoming his urge to leave. As he entered the tall house, he heard the floorboard creak. “CRRRRRK”. Thomas was scared to death until he realised it was only the floorboard he had stood on.

“Phewf.” Sighed Thomas in relief. “Maybe I really should leave.” Thomas thought to himself, his legs frozen to the floor in fear. Instead of leaving he decided to venture further in. He entered the kitchen and, on the floor, he saw a journal covered with blood and an axe coated with blood on its tip. For safety he went down to pick up the axe, suddenly, petrified, he shrieked as loud as a bat. A skeleton was shoved into the oven with its head detached from the body.

“Poor guy. “He thought. Hiding how scared he was, he explored the rest of the floor. In some rooms there was blood splattered across the walls with skeletons clean of their flesh like a lion had just feasted. “What’s that noise?” Thomas heard faint talking from the room directly above him. He approached the stairs and laid his foot on what looked like a forever flight of steps. He laid his foot on the last step and now the talking became louder. It was definitely his sister, but who was she talking to, or what was she talking to… he didn’t know.

He put his hand on the icy cold handle, he hesitated to pull it down, “Life or potentially death, most likely death. Leave or save my sister?” he thought, his heart pounding out of his chest. He pulled down the handle and burst through the door, he was so confused, no one was there apart from Mary.

Mary mouthed “help me.” Thomas ran towards Mary and took her hand. This time there was no hesitation. Thomas and Mary swiftly ran down the staircase and flew towards the exit. BAM! The front door had slammed shut. Mary looked at Thomas, “They are angry, you should’ve left me and ran while you had the chance!”

Thomas heard loud, banging footstep from upstairs, the footsteps started multiplying until he could hear a dozen. “I must have disturbed their resting place!” Thomas heard glass shatter, until he heard loud deathly creaks from the stairs he and Mary froze in chilling silence.