If it rained much longer, the ducks would drown. It had been raining for a week and half. School had got cancelled when the weather forecast predicted more rain already. My homework was overdue. But that didn’t matter. It was like an extra holiday. Every afternoon, I would kayak to Ben’s house. Sometimes, he would come kayaking to my house. We would make paper boats and race them.

After some time, the rain would batten them allow then to sink. This Wednesday, the rain had stopped but water level was still the same. Me and Ben paddled to the flooded street. Just as we were about to race out boats, we heard screaming and the sound of the cars crashing.

We turned our heads. A huge wave was heading our way. Suddenly, my small box radio turned on, “Dam has collapsed, please stay at indoors.” Time seemed to slow down as the wave came towering towards us. I quickly shouted Ben and notice the danger. He gave me a quick nod.

The wave was only meters away from us. We both push off our boats and started kayaking rapidly. Ben had just made it but still I had meters to go. The wave was just about to hit me. I quickly jumped up and clanged on to the balcony. Water from the wave splashed on my feet as it rushed away, dragging my kayak.

My friend was staring at me wide-eyed. I gave him a thump up, but I couldn’t hold myself up with one hand. Before in knew it, I was gone with a splash!