Kaki peered over his side to see only endless amounts of water surrounding him. This sight oddly calmed him. Suddenly he heard the unmistakable sound of German guns firing at him. It was a Messerschmitt.

He dived down to get away but was being followed. Luckily, the Royal Air Force pilots were trained consistently on what to do in these situations. Or were they. He trembled in his boots as he got behind the German aircraft with ease waiting for his guns to lock on to the target. Rat-at-at went his guns as he shot down the enemy aircraft.

He radioed for backup in case any more appeared. But none came. He smoothly guided the plane onto the aircraft carrier and calmly walked into spare quarters confused about the silence in the usual bustling hallways around him.

Abruptly he heard footsteps, ‘well, well, well.’ said a quiet and cryptic voice from the safety of the shadows, ‘what do we have here.’ the voice said again; however, it got no answer. Kaki shot out towards the voice and assailed the owner of the sound.

Thunder boomed across the sky and the heavens opened up bringing down a white-hot spear of lightning, jabbing the ocean floor. The world around him was fierce, fierce like a wounded bull in an arena. Suddenly, a gunshot echoed throughout the corridors and Kaki lay straggled flat on the ground clutching his wounded leg as he gasped for air.

He could sense the man’s content satisfactions. ‘Do I have to keep pushing on’ Kaki thought to himself as he achingly struggled to push himself up on two legs. Unenthusiastically, he limped down the skinny hallways, narrowly dodging more of the bullets fired at him. Finally, he made it to his Spitfire.

As quick as he could he clambered into his authentically painted aircraft filled with wonderful memories of many things and started the engine. He flew down the runway and barely launched off in time.

He had almost escaped. The evil German Captain launched a tracker missile at him. His plane exploded and his body lay lifeless in the cold, grim air.