Oh the dreary sunrise brings a cloud of dusty storm,
Dingo, grab your boneless tail and fly among the swarm.
Reddened skies like dragonflies make trees appear in black,
Dingo, shelter’s what you do and carry on your back.
The tribes are spotted heaving heavy tongues across the sand,
‘Thirsty’ is the word that pushes them to cross the land.
Let the children learn the tales about the evening star,
Dingo, let them drink up first, we’re not so very far.
And when the night is prowling like a beast upon all fours,
The cold will ride the winds and scream like frozen dinosaurs.
Hold me, Dingo soothe me, give me hope throughout your song,
Dingo, darling you’re the voice that guides the night along.
So tell the Thorny Devils that the moon will be our bread,
And clouds will be our shelter and the trees will be our bed.
Then the reddened skies will rise and bring another day,
Dingo, chase the sun with me and we will find a way,
Dingo, let’s be free and flee the evening star’s decay.