As I run, my loud footsteps echo through the empty tunnel, I hear laboured breathing following close behind. I can’t run forever; they’ll catch up eventually. Quickly, I sneak around the corner, my back pressed against the wall: shrouded in darkness, I pray not to be seen. I hold my breath in fear, watching them sprint past, guns in hand.
Slowly, I creep towards a distant old shed, approaching the building, I open the heavy metal door- it screeches like old car brakes. My shaking hands fumble in search of the flashlight buried deep in my coat pocket – flicking it on- the whole room lights up. With a sigh, I sit down on the dirty floor, legs aching from running. Confused and alone, my eyes well up with tears as I reminisce over the past few hours, the worst hours of my life. Lying huddled on the dusty concrete, I wipe the tears from my face. Resting my eyes, I drift into sleep: exhausted. Despite having no source of time, I know that I have over-slept: sounds of the night fill my ears.
I sit up, bleary eyed, squinting through the darkness- murmurs outside alarm me, adrenaline rushes through my body! Hurriedly barricading the door in panic- an old desk, a mouldy chair and a beaten-up filing cabinet was all that was separating me and my killers. The yelling and banging deafens me as they begin to bash in the door. I’m crouching defenceless in the corner, looking for a way out. There are no windows, no back doors- no escape. My cloaked attackers’ approach; there’s nothing I can do.
A piercing pain slams into my chest, cracking my ribs into a million pieces. I gave a sudden cry, as the bullet burns a hole, embedding itself in my flesh. On the face of my killers, a horrible, evil smirk. The men scatter, I gasp for air and sink down onto my knees, the last hint of life being sucked from me. A cloud of darkness envelops me.