The sky was brewing with fury like a volcano about to erupt, darkness spread over the mid-day sky. The air was thick and damp like muggy soup, the wind whistled softly teasing the leaves and branches, which gave a subtle warning.

Everything stopped. The people of the suburbs sensed something catastrophic. A small young girl hopped past a broken manhole to oblivious to notice the deserted streets and freeways of this usually happy and joyful metropolis.

The child continued, jumping over cracks in the sidewalk, without any shoes. The sky ripped open, smothering the silence in the roads. The girl looked around like a toucan, hearing a huge rumble, but nevertheless, continued to waltz along the broken side walk.

Then the sky exploded. It shot out from the sky like a horrifying spear and flew back up again, in the blink of an eye. Along with a massive but quick down pour of heavy and big hail, a giant scary breath of thunder shook the suburbs to it’s centre, forcing the desperate souls left behind running for their miserable lives.

Without time to think, multiple streaks of lightning ripped through the clouds and continued shaking the city, only a few metres from the young girl. The girl was left breathless after finally looking around. She saw the horror. She shook in fear and began quickly running back to the safety of her relaxed house… Was it too late?

In the distance, a tiny bolt of lightning, had struck the front of a dam, which spawned a small crack on it. Water was rushing out of it. The emergencies team, hanging of the side of the dam, were hastily trying to plug the hole, but not fast enough. The hole expanded 10 times the size, and was spiting out water as fast as it possibly could, engulfing the emergencies team.

The gigantic wave of water was quickly sprinting through the city, eating any houses that got in its way. Small building and houses were shredded and destroyed, the horizon was pure water and zero buildings. The girl had wandered a long way from her house, playing on the sidewalk. Was he going to die?

Was this how she went out? Would she escape? The rain and hail had gotten heavier, and was gaining on the girl, Mother Nature was threatening her life. The heavens were destroying her clothes. Rubble was flying at her, kissing her baby smooth.

In an instance, the girl came up with an insane idea and began to run as fast as she could back to the broken manhole. Her fat sausage like fingers worked until they almost broke to lift the cover 100-kilogram cover, destroying anything that stopped her survival. In she went, deeper and deeper down a luckily placed ladder stuck to the wall, until finally she was under the surface.

The child hastily pulled the manhole shut. A tiny bit of light ebbed through the cover, and a few drops of water fell down from the side of the wall, it was a few seconds before you heard the drops hit the puddle that had accumulated at the bottom of the ladder, this suggests that the bottom of the ladder is at least 15 metres down.

Instinct told this girl that this way the only way to escape this fabricated reality. Above ground, the flash flood washed over, harmless to the girl, who was glad to be alive and underground safe in this tiny wet, disgusting and sad sewer.

Hours passed, but they felt like years, eventually Mother Nature released her iron fist on the poor town, sending the flash-flood out to the ocean. The houses and small towers were destroyed and washed, power lines were shooting out electricity and smoke.

The town that once amazed many with its jaw dropping beauty had now turned to a destroyed dump. The scarred town dotted the horizon as far as the eye could see. Safe under the manhole cover, the girl wriggled then slowly emerged up to the surface with a few stains of water on her shirt. Looking confused, the girl felt a drop of water land on her head. She looked up, not a cloud in the sky.

After a few more drops of water she finally awoke to her dog’s saliva dripping on her face.

“We have to go to the council and get them to fix this crappy broken manhole outside,” shouted her mum happily from down the stairs.

“No don’t!” The girl yelled back, genuinely concerned, while quickly sprinting down her stairs. The end