Once a year the circus came to our town
It was the biggest event of the year
All us children would gather around
Our parents would have a beer

This year was different, the circus didn’t come
2 whole months we waited
But then one gloomy Sunday morning
The head of our town stated

“the circus will not come this year”
This made all us kids sad
This summer we’d have to do something else
We’d be sitting at home with mum and dad

Watching telly, playing on our phones
Texting each other never meeting face to face
The cancelling of the circus has ruined our mood
It feels like we are alone in outer space

Boring days that felt like months
Were slowly passing by
This has to be the worst summer ever
I really cannot lie

2 days before Christmas Eve
We received some marvelous news
The circus had changed their plans
They weren’t getting enough views

The circus was coming to town
6 days after Christmas Eve
It was staying for quite a long time
Maybe it would never leave

All us children ran outside
And danced together with joy
Summer would be great again
For every girl and every boy