Gavin began to chase wildly, stopping for breath as he ran deeper into the maze of swings and slides. The girl had his watch. He was sure of it. He had seen the light of the moon reflect from its glass as she took it out of her pocket.

Gavin wondered if it was possible to get lost in a playground this size. His only guide was the laughter of the strange girl as she led him further into the jungle of creaking monkey bars and slippery dips. His mind began to play tricks on him as it became darker. The girl seemed to disappear before his very eyes. Doubts crept into Gavin’s mind. Maybe she did disappear. The kids she played with seemed to appear out of thin air and she seemed o come from nowhere as well, just as he was leaving.

Gavin lost track of time as he chased the girl. Little did he know that his parents were worried sick as they waited for him. Disturbing thoughts began to creep into their minds too. What if he’s been kidnapped? What if he’s run away from home? But Gavin was quite safe, hot and sweaty, but safe.

Suddenly the girl stopped. She looked up at the sky and gave a cry that confused and scared Gavin. To his amazement, the sun was rising. He had been pursuing the girl all night! The sun’s rays chased away all darkness and filled the sky with a crimson light.
Gavin stared, bewildered at the ghost-like girl. She seemed to be evaporating as the sun rose. He was shocked. What was she? A ghost? A vampire? One part of Gavin was afraid and scared, but the other part thought he was going insane!
Just as the sun reached its peak, the girl gave one last cry and disappeared completely. Lying neatly on the sand was Gavin’s watch…